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OT: My New Column

Hello readers!

There isn’t too much happening this weekend in the world of motorsport after a pretty busy week with the Jerez tests and indeed the re-launch of Honda as Brawn GP.  The Brawn GP team is a very exciting idea, one which I am looking forward to seeing greatly with tonnes of experience and the drive to do well, I wish Ross the best of luck.

The quietness of the weekend has caused me to revive an old idea I had in 2007, about my own column where every now and again I talk about some issues and ideas, analysis and stuff bringing a lot of my own opinion into the mix and making it like a mini-essay for people to read.

It has started again with 2 brand new articles, on Tobacco Sponsorship in F1, and on Traditional Race Circuits.

Link: https://f1fanatics.wordpress.com/robs-column/

This is very much in the development stage at the moment, so it will be expanding and changing all of the time but I urge you to take a look.  It’s probably a load of old rubbish but hell, anything gets printed these days!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, and I just thought I would mention on the 1st of March it was our 2 year anniversary.




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