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BMW Committed To F1 For Long Term – Theissen

Dr Mario Theissen has admitted in an interview with Autosport that BMW Motorsport are fully committed to Formula One for the long term.

When the Honda Motor Company pulled out of F1 at the end of last season, BMW along with Toyota and Renault were alleged to be considering a similar exit leaving F1 with only Ferrari as a big manufacturer.

However, no more teams have left, and Brawn GP who have risen from the ashes of Honda seem a convincing replacement, perhaps even a better team.

Toyota have slashed their budgets, and here BMW are saying that F1 is right at the core of their company.  The greatest world motorsport is pivotally vital to them and their brand development, alongside their World Formula BMW series’ and the WTCC entries.

“Today, BMW is spending 40 percent less on its involvement in Formula 1 than in 2005,” he said.

“Back then we were an engine supplier, but now have our own team, of course. Significant savings have been achieved through increases in the mileage required of each engine.

“When BMW returned to Formula 1 in 2000, we were using one engine for free practice, replacing it for qualifying and then fitting another new one for the race. This outlay has since been gradually reigned in and today each driver has to make do with eight engines for the full duration of the season.

“The heavily reduced testing schedule has brought further substantial budget savings. Testing on race circuits is banned outside of race weekends until 31 December 2009. The only exception will be tests for junior drivers with no GP experience after the season has finished. So we have put together a whole package of measures to reduce costs.”


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