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New Points System Announced Along With Budget Cap Option

The governing body of Formula One, the FIA have today announced big changes to the point system and also the option of a budget cap from next season.

As the points system changes are so big, I shall mention the budget cap which sees teams have an optional £30m budget, in exchange for spending around 90% less they get more aerodynamic freedom which theoretically should lead to faster cars.  Teams that don’t will be subjected still to tough regulations.

The points system change means that now the driver who wins the most races is world champion, the 10-8-6…. point system remains but it is only used to determine the order of finishes in the table behind the leading race winner, and for the constructors championship which remains unchanged after the new proposals.

The FIA have rejected the FOTA proposal of a new point system of 12-9… to allow a greater gap.  The FIA also said returning to the previous 10-6-4-3-2-1 system would not happen.

“The WMSC accepted the proposal from Formula One Management to award the drivers’ championship to the driver who has won the most races during the season,” said the FIA in a statement.

“If two or more drivers finish the season with the same number of wins, the title will be awarded to the driver with the most points, the allocation of points being based on the current 10, 8, 6 etc. system.

“The rest of the standings, from second to last place, will be decided by the current points system. There is no provision to award medals for first, second or third place. The Constructors’ Championship is unaffected.

“The WMSC rejected the alternative proposal from the Formula One Teams’ Association to change the points awarded to drivers finishing in first, second and third place to 12, 9 and 7 points respectively. ”

The news has angered fans globally, and once again shows how out of souch the FIA are with what we want.  The budget cap is ludicrous and I can see that been banished.

The new point system has thrown into debate the idea that 13 Drivers Titles should have been awarded to other drivers had the new system been in place back in the day. For example, Alain Prost would have won his championships much earlier, but lost 2 of them to Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell. Rosberg would never have won one, instead Didier Pironi would have it and more recently Felipe Massa would have beaten Lewis Hamilton.

World Champ


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