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One Off Rome GP Possible

Motorsport officials in Rome have suggested a “One-Off” street race in the city to be held in 2010, rather than a full time position on the F1 calendar after fans and team bosses were cool to the idea of Rome holding a full time Grand Prix.

Bernie Ecclestone was very pro the idea of a race being held around the historical Capital city of Italy, but Max Mosley and Luca di Montezemolo were concerned – prefering the race to be held at Monza, one of the spiritual homes of racing.

However with FIA officials making frequent visits, the rumour mill is spinning to the prospect of the one off race which could possibly be the European Grand Prix of 2010 if Valencia’s street track is not better than in 2008 this season.

“The possibility of running a Grand Prix in Rome in 2012 is ever more feasible,” Aleesandro Cochi, Rome’s sport minister is quoted as saying by the news agency ANSA.

Some private investors are prepared to cover the costs of the event, and this is warming Di Montezemolo to the idea.

“I’ve spoken to Bernie and if, as it appears, the costs can be totally borne by private investors, I think it would be interesting to make an in-depth assessment of its feasibility,” Montezemolo said.

Roman driver Giancarlo Fisichella demonstrated F1 to the city a couple of years ago

Roman driver Giancarlo Fisichella demonstrated F1 to the city a couple of years ago


2 responses

  1. I love the one off concept!
    Let’s see more!!
    Here’s how, enter a rotating venue group of events (say 5 rotating events per year) then each year there would be 5 different venues from the previous year guaranteed. Then have another 5 venues as “majors” that can set contracts for up to 5 years (have them compete! (sadly this puts more money in Mssrs Bernie and Max’s coffers, but I think it provides more incentive to venues to put on a great show and we don’t get stuck with bad facilities). Then get 5 grandfather’d tracks that are guaranteed (yeah I know that’s not the true amount of tracks, but just a rough idea.

    The keepers being Spa, Monaco, Monza, Suzuka, and Spain.

    What do you think Kieth?

    March 22, 2009 at 5:55 pm

  2. Ha, im not Keith, im Rob – its a frequent mistake as Keith runs F1Fanatic and I run F1Fanatics !

    I reckon, Spa, Suzuka, Monaco, Silverstone, Interlagos and Imola should be guaranteed on the calendar. The problem with Spain is, everyone tests there so they have amazing data about the tracks thus not giving enough away to chance. There should still be a race in Spain of course. So thats 7 rounds, plus my European GP [read below], one in Germany, one in North America, Australia and also Bahrain. Then an Oceana one, possibly at Aida or Fuji or somewhere like that, maybe then add India into that “Zone” or encourage somewhere like NEw Zealand to go for it. Have it on a rotating system. So like 13 rounds already. Singapore is a keeper too, love that. Then 3 rounds on varying areas/tracks etc. with a pool of circuits which get picked out every season. Wouldn’t mind seeing Austria coming back.

    Drop China and Turkey imho they both suck as race tracks.

    I think the European Grand Prix should move around as a “Street Grand Prix”. Thus:
    – Valencia, Spain: All in the idea was great but the circuit needed work
    – Rome, Italy: Spiritual Home, the year it appeared here NO IMOLA.
    – London, England: Was tested in 2004, looks pretty good to me/
    – Moscow, Russia: Frankly a GP on those streets would be something else.
    – Paris, France: Think of the scenery!


    March 23, 2009 at 3:59 pm

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