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Domenicali Sees Points Debacle As Embarrassing

Stefano Domenicali, team principal of Scuderia Ferrari has told an Italian newspaper of how he found the debacle surrounding the new point system in F1 a complete embarrassment to the sport.

The FIA decided to change the point system at the last moment, to one which the FOTA and drivers did not want.  Still, the FIA ploughed ahead.  Only after FOTA found a rule which claimed all teams had to be in agreement (which they of course wree not) and also many protests from drivers past and present including Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton led to the FIA backing down and changing their minds.

The result in the end was a good one, but Domenicali reckons the way in which it all happened was a complete joke.

“It seems embarrassing to me what has happened in the last few days,” Domenicali told the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper on Monday.

“We wanted a bigger difference between the winner and the others, instead it stays like 2008. Oh well.”


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