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Symonds Confident The R29 Can Win Races

Pat Symonds, the technical director of the Renault F1 team has admitted he is confident that the teams 2009 car, thew R29, can win races at the hand of former World Champion Fernando Alonso.

After double title successes in 2005 and 2006, the team endured a terrible 2007 season.  The start of 2008 was not much better, but returning Alonso turned their fortunes around and put in some great races culminating in a terrific victory in the first ever night F1 GP at Singapore.

Of course, all team bossess should imagine they would win, but Symonds reckons that the imagination is turning to reality and that their car could win races, despite not being the best looking.

“The target I set at the beginning of the season is always the same: to be winning races and challenging for the championship – it would be wrong to have any other intention,” said Symonds.

“However, when you start tempering your expectations with reality, you may moderate that target a little bit.

“Nonetheless, I do believe that we’ve got a car that is good enough to challenge for wins and when you combine that with our drivers and the team’s ability to go racing, I’m fairly confident we can deliver a strong start to the season.”


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