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Toyota Disqualified From Qualifying

The FIA have disqualified both Toyota drivers from today’s qualifying session at the Australian Grand Prix because of illegal rear wings.

Toyota, one of the teams involvedin the running dispute over diffusers and their designs, will see both cars start the race from the back of the grid instead of the 6th and 7th places Timo Glock and Jarno Trulli had achieved.

The TF109 allegedly has a rear wing wihich flexes, illegal in the new rules and regulations.

A statement issued by the FIA said: “The Stewards have received a report from the Technical Delegate that the upper rear wing elements of cars No. 9 and 10 are showing extreme flexibility in contravention of Article 3.15 of the 2009 Formula One Technical Regulations.

“The Stewards have heard the explanation from a representative of Panasonic Toyota Racing and have examined the cars in question.

“The Stewards concur with the opinion of the Technical Delegate and find the cars contravene the requirements of Article 3.15 of the 2009 Formula One Technical Regulations.

“It is the Stewards decision that cars number 9 and 10 be excluded from the Qualifying Session Official Classification.”

Toyota are sure they can sort the problem however,

“From our point of view it is very simple,” John Howett, Toyota F1 President said. “But we need their agreement to release our car from parc ferme. We don’t expect any performance change at all, so it is quite a simple job for us.

“It is a wing we’ve had throughout testing, and I think it is a wing to which we had a similar design last year. Hopefully we will be racing tomorrow and we can demonstrate the race car at race pace tomorrow.”

Williams put in a protest saying Ferrari and Red Bull also had similar designs, but this has now been dropped.  many in the media cited this as sour grapes from Williams over the running diffuser dispute.


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