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Could Liar Lewis Be Disqualified From The World Championship?

There is feverent rumour this evening that Lewis Hamilton could be disqualified from more than just the Australian Grand Prix, it could be the entire season – or even a Super Licence revoke.

All day the presses have been flowing with reports about Lewis’ lies to the FIA stewards after the first race of the season, and he has quickly gained the nickname “Liar Lewis” in Britain with may tabloids running with scorching headlines and news stories criticising the very man they were supprting just a few months ago.

An FIA steward in Malaysia, who wished not to be named, claimed that further action against the current world champion could not be ruled out.

“It is potentially an extremely severe situation. We cannot rule out further action” he said

The only driver ever to be disqualified from an entire season was Michael Schumacher in 1997, after the final race of the season in Jerez where it was alleged that he deliberately tried to put Jacques Villeneuve out of the race.  A ban this early in the season is unprecedented.

He could also face having his super-licence revoked some papers have rumoured.  The last driver to suffer this fate was Japanese driver Yuji Ide in 2006, after an accident at the San Marino GP where the then Super Aguri driver pushed Midland driver Christijan Albers into a barrel roll early in the first lap of the race.

Whatever impact on his racing, this has almost oblitratted his image with the public and could have at least halved his future earning potential.

Lewis still looks smug despite the world turning against him

Lewis still looks smug despite the world turning against him


One response

  1. badka

    Lewis is such an asshole that cannot understand about the duty. He must be disqualified because of his stupidity in Australia.

    April 4, 2009 at 4:59 am

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