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Mercedes Benz F1 Commitment Back Under Spotlight

Mercedes Benz’s commitment to Formula One is once again under the spotlight today after a German station Subwestrundfunk discussed the possibility that F1 could be something the group cut in a meeting this week.

The German marques directors are meeting in Stuttgart to discuss the future of the company, which is currently losing around $1billion per month.

Drastic cost saving measures will be discussed, with directors pay and bonuses already the first announced cuts. However, with problems such as Lie-Gate, and now with the engine supply to 3 teams, the company could be looking to cut down on their supply, or even drop out altogether.

“If you’re asking me ‘are we here for the next ten years?’ then everybody who is honest, and I am honest, cannot give you an answer about how the world, the car industry, the economical surroundings will develop,” he is quoted as saying by GP Week.

“I hope it changes.  It’s not easy for anybody but I hope it changes.” Haug added

Lie-Gate won’t have helped McLaren’s chances of keeping the engine deal, with Brawn GP standing on the top step of the podium for the first two races of the season, it would be little suprise to see a cut down contract from the company only covering the small Brackley based team.

Lets not forget McLaren have only had Mercedes Benz engines since 1997, it is no guarantee for the team to run the 3 pointed star on the nosecone.

“Victories would be better than having discussions like these,” the German said about Lewis Hamilton and McLaren’s lie to the FIA. “But we are clearly unhappy with the situation, as it is right now.”


One response

  1. Mercedes Benz must get out of its engine deal with McLaren as soon as possible to save their own name. This is getting dirty now.

    April 8, 2009 at 8:35 pm

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