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Massa, Hamilton and Sutil Join GPDA Agreement

The GPDA agreement group recieved a great boost today when frontrunning drivers Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton, along with German Adrian Sutil signed up to the group.

The group, which is headed by Pedro de La Rosa, Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso, works with the top divisions of F1 to get the drivers opinions and concerns across to the appropriate organisations – mostly working to increase safety.

Felipe Massa left the GPDA last season, but has now rejoined it strengthening a weakening organisation.  Lewis Hamilton joins for the first time since he entered F1 in 2007.

Along with these top drivers, many 3rd drivers and rookie Sebastien Buemi all joined up.

“It is important we are all there,” de la Rosa told Autosport.

“It is great news that Lewis, Felipe and Adrian have come on board, but also that test drivers like Christian Klien are there too, and new drivers like Buemi. It’s quite reassuring.

“I admit we were weak last year, especially when Felipe left. But he has come back, and I’m glad he has. I’m really delighted about Lewis being there too.”

Kimi Raikkonen however remains the only front running racer that is not part of the group.

“We wish Kimi was there, as he is one of the top guys, so hopefully he will agree soon too,”  the Spaniard added.


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