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Ferrari Boss Won’t Let His Team Turn Into A Comedy

Luca di Montezemolo, the boss of Ferrari has told German website Sport1.de that he is not going to let the team turn into a complete joke.

The Italian squad, constructors world champions in 2007, have been dominant forces in F1 for the past 10 years, and indeed since the F1 GP was formed in 1950.  However, in the first two races of the 2009 season the red cars have been poor, with reliability problems, slow cars, technical insupremacy and big mistakes.

Fingers have been pointed, Massa blames the engineers, Domenicali is being ridiculued in presses around the world and Bild newspaper of Germany has lashed out at Michael Schumacher for hindering not helping in his position of advisor.

Montezemolo is trying to hold his team together, and get the damage fixed before they are left behind.  Ferrari join Force India as the only teams not to have scored points this season.

“We must not give up yet.  I will most definitely not let my team, and this season turn into something one might see in a comedy video.” Montezemolo told Sport1


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