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Stewart Calls On Brawn NOT To Sack Barrichello For Hamilton

Jackie Stewart has called on Ross Brawn not to sack veteran Brazilian driver Rubens Barrichello as the paddock is alight with rumour that the British driver will leave the McLaren team in the near future if they recieve race bans.

The current World Champion has been accused of lying, and his team – McLaren Mercedes – could well be facing multiple race bans which would almost destroy any fading chance the Brit had of competing for the 2009 World Title.

With Brawn being powered by Mercedes Benz, people think that Barrichello could be ousted in place of the current world champion in what would be a completely unprecedented move.

“Rubens is very experienced in the setting up of the car, Lewis is not.” Stewart told F1Live

“And Ross (Brawn) needs that knowledge right now because of the ban on in-season testing,” he added.

Jackie Stewart employed a young Barrichello at his Stewart team between 1997-1999, before the Brazilian moved on to race with Scuderia Ferrari where he was most successful with multiple race wins.


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