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Dumontier Hits Brake Pedal Over Montreal Race Return

Francois Dumontier, the promoter of the Canadian Grand Prix has slammed the brake pedal on it being re-instated for this season.

Rumour around the paddock was that the race could be making a comeback, as Bernie Ecclestone looks to continue having a North American race on the calendar, despite all of the problems with the Montreal circuit last season when builders were relaying track surface as the cars lined up on the grid to start the GP.

With rumour also circulating that Abu Dhabi might pull out of hosting their race – in the final slot of the season – it fueled the theory that Canada could see F1 cars screaming around the island in the St Lawrence Seaway once again.

However, the promoter claims he knows nothing of it and there is no plan to return at the moment.

“I took note at the end of last week of the interview with Bernie Ecclestone, but besides that, I do not know any more for the moment,” said Dumontier.

“At the time that he spoke, there was no communication on this subject – neither with myself nor with (promoter) Stock-Car Montreal.”

“If ever something was to happen,” Dumontier continued, “it is certain that it would be necessary that we are involved.”


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