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McLaren Tried To Make The FIA Look Like A Bunch Of Idiots – Trulli

Jarno Trulli still appears to be scathing about the actions of McLaren and Lewis Hamilton over the scandal, now known as Lie-Gate, which followed the Australian Grand Prix.

In an interview ahead of this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix, some 3 weeks since the incident, Trulli believes that McLaren were trying to make a joke out of the FIA and make them look like fools.

The Italian driver was displaced from 3rd, for overtaking under yellow flags.  This was the story Hamilton gave to the race officials.  However, it turned out Hamilton had let Trulli passed, leaving him no other option than to break the rules.

The FIA took such a strong decision because they felt that someone was making a joke of them and they want to show everyone that the FIA is just like a judge,” Trulli is quoted as saying by the Mirror.

“Go in front of the judge and you have to be honest and tell the truth,” he added.

The punishment will be handed to McLaren soon, but is expected to be some race bans.


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