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Berger Says Alonso IS Heading To Ferrari For 2010

Gerhard Berger has confirmed that he is confident that Spaniard Fernando Alonso is heading to drive for Scuderia Ferrari in 2010.

The Austrian former racer confirmed also that he had intensive contract discussions with the Spaniard between last season and this season to replace Sebastian Vettel – who was heading to Red Bull – for this season.

However, Alonso said he needed 2009 for just a transitional year before heading on to a new project in 2010.  Berger reckon this project is Ferrari.

“Now I can say it: he was interested, but made it clearly understood that he saw 2009 only as a transitional year, because he already knew what he would be doing in 2010,” Berger said in an interview with Germany’s Sport Bild.

“Surely it’s Ferrari,” the Austrian winner of ten Grand Prix added.

Ferrari has both drivers contracted for 2010, but sources suggest Felipe Massa could be on his way out of Ferrari as he becomes discontented with their current form.


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