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Rossi Says He Won’t Head To F1 After MotoGP Retirement

Valentino Rossi, the current MotoGP world champion and one of the most prolific motorbike racers of all time has dispelled rumours that he is heading to Formula One to drive for good.

The Italian claims that by the time he retires from motorbike racing he will be too old for F1, and instead cites the World Rally Championship as the area to prove his talent on 4 wheels.  He has competed in some WRC events before.

“When I stop with motorbikes, it would appeal to me to go four wheels for many years. But for Formula One it is much too late,” said Rossi, who in February turned 30.

Rossi has test driven with Ferrari a few times, and says there were serious conversations about him joinign the team as a driver from 2008 – but he declined.

“We had long negotiations, there was a serious plan for me to be the test driver in 2007 and then to race in 2008. But in the end I decided to stay in motorbikes and now there is no time to look back,”


One response

  1. rheola

    Its a shame about Rossi, i have seen him ride and he is amazing however i do not think he would be good enough for F!. oh he would be quick but i dont think he would be as so as he is in MotoGP.

    April 24, 2009 at 10:56 pm

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