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Schuey To Have Talks Over Ferrari Future

Michael Schumacher, one of the greatest racing drivers ever born, is set to have talks with the team about his role within Ferrari within the next month as his contract expires soon.

The German has been attributed, wrongly, to putting Kimi Raikkonen onto the wet tyres in Malaysia – a fundamental mistake which cost Ferrari points yet again.  The Italian media were fairly critical, but Ferrari jumped to Schumacher’s defence with the management reshuffle.

“After the summer we will see what makes sense and what does not,” he confirmed in an interview with the German news agency DPA.

While many in the paddock seem to be suggesting Schumacher is on the way out of Ferrari, he confirmed that he wa soffered a much deeper role in the team and this could be offered to him once again.

“I could have taken on the role of Jean Todt, but it was not for me,” Schumacher explained. “It would have been the wrong time and, above all, I think Stefano Domenicali is able to perform the job much better than I would have.”


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