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Surer Not Convinced Senna Is Ideal Piquet Replacement

Marc Surer, the Swiss F1 driver turned commentator believes that Bruno Senna, the newphew of the late Ayrton Senna is not the ideal replacement for Nelson Piquet Jr as rumour continues about his future.

Piquet, now in his second F1 season, has failed to impress so far, and has another two races to perform sources say before Flavio Briatore fires him.  The young Brazilian has been under serious pressure, being outperformed on every level by team mate Fernando Alonso, and also the pressure of having Three-Time champion Nelson Piquet, his father, present at the past few races.

Bahrain was an improvement for Piquet, but it still didn’t appear to be good enough nor cover up his shortcomings previously.

“Perhaps if Piquet continues like he is, a driver exchange could be a topic, but at the moment I don’t see anyone on the market who would really be better.” Surer told UpdateF1

Bruno Senna is cited as a potential replacement, but Surer isn’t convinced the out-of-work GP2 ace is right for the job yet.

“Senna is a beginner who would probably make just as many errors,”he added.


2 responses

  1. moneymouth77

    Piquet has been poor so far… but replacing him with an untested GP2 driver? That cannot be the best option.

    April 29, 2009 at 10:19 am

  2. Have you ever seen Senna though? He really is a talent. I saw him drive a Ferrari F430 at Silverstone in that one make championship, his first time in the car and he won both races I saw him in. By a long way too. He looks exceptional, and I think he will prove to be a complete coup for whoever signs him. Although some may say Senna has done some of this too, I think Piquet is where he is now because of his father, more than his driving talent. Is that a little harsh?

    April 29, 2009 at 4:44 pm

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