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FIA Brings In £40million Budget Cap For 2010, Refuelling Also Banned

The FIA have announced radical plans for Formula One today, with a £40million budget cap being the biggest new rule and regulation to be implemented from the 2010 season onwards.

It is a figure brought up from £30million pounds cited in earlier meetings by the FIA.

The cap covers all costs and expenditure, apart from driver salaries, marketing expenditure and most suprisingly engine development.

Teams who sign up to the new cap will recieve special benefits, including un-rev limited engines, flexible wings, unlimited testing and totally free reign over technical developments.

It is likely to turn the series into a two-tier championship though.

The FIA have also allowed up to 26 cars to race in the championship, up from 24 as new teams show interest in racing.  These new teams will be given money from Bernie Ecclestone and also free transportation of cars and some staff to race events as a way to convince them to join.  iSport, Lola, Aston Martin and USF1 are all teams interested in joining the series.

Refuelling Ban

The FIA also took the opportunity today to reiterrate their stance on refuelling, and its ban during races.  Tyre heating devices will also be banned.

“It was confirmed that from 2010, refuelling during a race will be forbidden in order to save the costs of transporting refuelling equipment and increase the incentive for engine builders to improve fuel economy (to save weight),” said the FIA in a statement following a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council.

No offence on this one, but perhaps I have missed something.  The cars will be on the grid, brimmed with 70 laps of fuel.  They will have no tyre blankets, thus COLD slick tyres, which will have little or no grip.  Methinks there will be a f*cking big accident into Turn 1 and a huge fire.  BIG MISTAKE FIA.


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