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Revised Ferrari Makes Track Debut In Italy

A heavily revised version of the Ferrari F60 has made its track debut under highest secrecy in Italy, F1Fanatics can confirm.

The F60 has been underperforming for the most successful F1 team of all time, and Kimi Raikkonen’s meagre 6th place in the last race in Bahrain gave Ferrari it’s first points of the season.

The new car will feature upgrades making it around 15 kilos lighter than before to give its KERS a better advantage, is designed to knock a few tenths of the average lap time for the car.  Weight has been saved even down to the material used for the seatbelts a source in the team claimed on ESPN F1 Live.

Wing modification and also a double decker diffuser are hoping to bring Ferrari back to the top.

Marc Gene is at the wheel of the car in Italy, driving straight line tests at Variano.

“The Ferrari F60B has the most upgrades I’ve seen so far since I joined Ferrari in 2004,” Gene said yesterday


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