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Ecclestone To Select New Teams Very Carefully As Offers Flood In

Bernie Ecclestone has told a British newspaper that he will have to consider all of the bids to join Formula One from 2010 very carefully, as there are more offers/potential offers than slots.

The ageing owner of the F1 franchise wants to make sure any new entrants are 100% committed to F1, and also have a stable financial background.  Ecclestone doesn’t want to just hand it to someone who might not even make the 2010 Australian GP Grid.

With David Richards reviving the Prodrive projct, GP2 stars iSport, Lola and USF1 all wanting two of the new slots (6 were announced at the last rule change thus 3 new teams) competition is hotting up.

Ecclestone told the UK newspaper Express “It won’t be on a first-come, first-served basis. We are not going back to the days when anyone could just arrive, run a few races and then disappear when they ran out of money.

“We only need three teams to come in. Some of the big players are not happy – but no one has said they are leaving,” the F1 Chief Executive insisted.

A1GP Champions Ireland boss David Gallagher is also expressing interest in joining F1, with new Champion Adam Carroll as one of the drivers.

“I have ambitions in F1, our driver Adam Carroll should be in F1 but you need to approach this carefully. If you are looking to be racing in 2010 you need to know very, very soon what is required,” said Gallagher, who was involved with the Jordan team in the past.


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