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Hamilton: The Car Is Just Useless

Lewis Hamilton was scathing after yesterdays Spanish Grand Prix claiming that his McLaren car was totally useless, and expressing his disappointment about the team ‘not giving him a car to defend the title with’.

Hamilton finished 9th after starting a lowly 14th on the grid, his joint worst qualifying of the season.  So far Hamilton has shown little magic in getting through to points paying finishes.

Adding insult to injury, Britain’s former golden-boy was lapped by relic Jenson Button who most of the British public abanonded support for through 2007 and 2008.  British flags still wave in the grandstands, but they are no longer filled with Lewis’ name, meerly Button’s Barmy Army.

“What can I do? I drove my heart out, as I always do,” Hamilton told BBC TV. “It’s just that the car is not good. I just had no grip.

“It’s just a shame they [McLaren] haven’t given me a car to defend the championship with. The car is that bad. I’m driving the socks off it. There’s just no hope.”

“We have great reliability and the morale in the team is high. It’s just a shame they’ve not given me a car to defend the championship with.”


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