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Bernie Suggests Two Tier Tech Rules Will Go…

Bernie Ecclestone has taken the step of suggesting that the two tier technical regulations, the main problem manufacturers have with the budget caps will be abolished and one set of rules printed.

The idea was that those under the cap would have greater technical freedom.  Toyota’s John Howett believed teams in the cap could gain 3-5 seconds per lap on those out of it.

Manufacturers and big spenders were not impressed with this idea, and Bernie has finally agreed.

“I think the most important thing that upset everybody is the two-tier technical system, and I think it’s been agreed that we shouldn’t have that, we should just have one set of regulations,” he said.

“I think everybody is more or less happy with the budget cap, it’s just a case of how much. I don’t know if that means it will be higher or lower, it’s a case of sorting that out.”

It does beg the question though.  If there aren’t 2 levels of technical regulation, why would you opt into the cap? There appears to be no other advantage?!  Maybe its just Bernie rebuilding the bridges Max Mosley keeps burning.

Bernard - Trying to patch things up...

Bernard - Trying to patch things up...


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