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BMW Will Issue Next Leaving Threat As All Manufacturers Claim Distaste For Cap

Reports suggest that BMW Sauber will be the next high profile team to announce their intentions to leave Formula One at the end of the season if the FIA’s proposed £40million budget cap remains in place.

A source for the team said that they were inredibly unhappy at the idea of a two tier F1 series.

They join Renault, Scuderia Ferrari, Toyota and Red Bull Racing in announcing their intentions not to enter into F1 in 2010.

A Renault spokesperson reitteratted the displeasure towards the budget cap as the teams met in Heathrow this morning to discuss the future of the sport. “All of us – Mercedes, Toyota, BMW, Renault and Ferrari – are on the same page,” he said.

“We have until May 29 to register ourselves for the championship of 2010, and as long as the regulations are as they stand, we will not be registering,”

Meanwhile Enzo Ferrari’s son, Piero Ferrari insisted to a newspaper that there would be no compromise from Ferarri.

“There will be no compromise.”  he claimed

“We want no budget cap, (the) same rules for everyone, clear rules,” he told the Telegraph. “We want to invest in cars, in engines, in aerodynamics, in the technology of the cars.”

Toyota, Ferrari and BMW are leading the way out...

Toyota, Ferrari and BMW are leading the way out...


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