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Scheckter Nearly Handed Title Back Over F1’s Ridiculous Politics

Jody Scheckter, the 1979 Formula One world champion admitted today that he considered handing his title back after the recent “ridiculous” politics from the FIA.

The usually quiet South African driver has come out in full support of his former employer Scuderia Ferrari in their row with the FIA.

Scheckter won his title with Ferrari, retireing in 1980 after failing to defend it.  21 years later and Michael Schumacher managed to bring a title to the team, the first of 5 in a row.

“The politics that have crept into Formula One, and the way that things are handled now, is very, very disappointing,” Scheckter said.

“There have been stages when I have thought ‘I am going to give back my world championship’ because I have felt so strongly about it,” he continued.

“Some of the regulations and some of the decisions that have been made by the FIA in the last years I think have been terrible. I think the sport’s going through a dictatorship that is going wrong, as most dictatorships go wrong sooner or later.”


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