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Alonso Fearful Of His F1 Future

Fernando Alonso the former two time world champion and current Renault driver has admitted, in the wake of Ferrari’s loss in the courts with the FIA over the budget caps that his future in F1 could be over.

Alonso competes this weekend with Renault, but rumour had been linking him with a drive at Ferrari.  Whatever way, it would appear both teams along with Toyota and possibly Red Bull Racing could be heading out of a sport which formerly was the pinnacle of racing.

“Yes. It is very worrying.” Alonso told Autosport in Monaco after discovering the FIA/Ferrari verdict.

“I tried to switch off and concentrate on this business,” he said. “Here, when I am in Monaco, I will be 100 per cent focused on the grand prix, with the weekend. But it is true that last week when I was at home it was impossible to switch off because I don’t know if this will be my last time in Monaco.

“If the big teams and the big manufacturers leave F1 then I don’t want to race with small teams, because it is not any more F1 and there are many other categories.

“For me, it is strange that no one sat down and thought how we are damaging the sport, how much damage the sport has had in the last two months. To have those three or four new teams and losing seven of the big manufacturers I cannot understand – and not losing only seven manufacturers but losing the 10 best drivers in the world. It becomes no more interesting, F1.”

Alonso will visit the Le Mans 24h when it kicks off, and admitted he would be interested in a drive.  This just a day after To Kristensen the legendary Le Mans driver claimed that Sportscar racing would see a renaissance in the wake of Formula One’s peril.


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