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Raikkonen – I Will Stand By Ferrari Whatever

Kimi Raikkonen has pledged his allegance with Scuderia Ferrari on the day that the FIA/Ferrari court ruling went in the FIA’s favour, possibly spelling the end of the Italian companies involvement with F1.

Raikkonen, who joined the team in 2007 and immediately went on to win the world title said he would race in any category for the team which he sees as part of his extended family.

“I will still have a contract with them and they are racing in many different categories, so I think they will find something for me.” Raikkonen said in Monaco

“I work for Ferrari and we are one big family. It is my work and it is the place where I want to race. Whatever they do, I will do the same with them. We are one family and we do things together.”

He believed that with the swathes of manufacturers leaving and minor independent teams entering, F1 would not be the pinnacle of motorsport any more.

“For me, if Ferrari is not in F1 nor any other big team like BMW or McLaren, it is not good for F1. They are the teams that make F1 and if you change the teams for other teams, new teams that come from GP2 or somewhere else, then it is not the same any more.

“F1 for me is all about the big teams, we race together and try to be the best. That is my opinion, but everybody has their own ideas.”


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