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Haug Admits Nico Rosberg Is Top Target For 2010

Norbert Haug has admitted that German driver Nico Rosberg is high on the list for McLaren of potential racers for next season in an interview with Spox.com.

Haug, who runs Mercedes Benz motorsport manages the engines, and Mercedes’ share of the McLaren team.

It is likely that Heikki Kovalainen would be the replaced driver, given McLaren’s closeness and indeed lenghty contract with British reigning World Champ Lewis Hamilton.

Rosberg was a target in 2008 for the British constructor, but with him being under contract with Williams they couldn’t lure him to the chrome cars.  Rosberg committed himself to Williams, but surely the bugger budget of an almost works team would be too much pull for the son of former champion Keke Rosberg.

“We had to respect it [the contract],” Haug said

“How things develop, we cannot discuss in public, but we have known Nico long enough and he is a man on the list.”

“It is clear that he is on many teams’ lists,” the German added.

Who those others teams are, we do not know but it could include Renault who are likely to lose Fernando Alonso at the end of the season.


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