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Williams Suspended From FOTA Following 2010 Entry

The Williams F1 Team have been formally suspended from the teams racing group FOTA following their announcement and confirmation of a written entry to the FIA for the 2010 Formula One World Championship.

During the Monaco Grand Prix weekend a series of meetings were held to discuss the future of the current teams in Formula One, primerily the manufacturers.  However all teams involved in FOTA were told they would be suspended should the formally send an application to the FIA for their continued entry into F1 for 2010.

The teams are trying to stick together as they fight Max Mosley’s now dictatorship of a governing body to the pinnacle of motorsport, with Ferrari, Toyota, Red Bull and Renault leading the way out of the changing sport and heading possibly for a new rival series made up of manufacturer backed teams.

Frank Williams head of the Williams team admitted it was unfortunate to be suspended, but he respected the actions.  He hoped FOTA and the fans would respect their decision to continue entering as they have a contract with Bernie Ecclestone to stay in the sport until 2012.

“FOTA’s decision, although regrettable, is understandable.” Williams said today

“However, as a racing team and a company whose only business is Formula 1, with obligations to our partners and our employees, submitting our entry to next year’s championship was unquestionable.

“In addition, we are legally obliged under our contract with FOM and the FIA to participate in the World Championship until the end of 2012.”


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