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All FOTA Member Teams Back Down And Sign For F1 In 2010

All of the FOTA member teams have backed down for now in their fight against the FIA’s new rules by entering themselves into the F1 World Championship for 2010.

Ferrari, Renault, Toyota and Red Bull have been leading the way to leave the sport in the wake of massive new rules changes being brought about by the sports governing body.

However now those changes look to be laxed slightly, the teams have signed up with a condition to leave if a concorde agreement with their terms is not brought by June 12.

“The renewal of the Concorde Agreement will provide security for the future of the sport by binding all parties in a formal relationship that will ensure stability via sound governance,” said FOTA in a statement.

“[The 2009 rules must be] identical for all competitors and amended in accordance with proposals that FOTA has submitted to the FIA.”

“All FOTA teams’ entries for the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship have been submitted today on the understanding that (a) all FOTA teams will be permitted to compete during the 2010 Formula One season on an identical regulatory basis and (b) that they may only be accepted as a whole,” added the statement.

“All FOTA teams now look forward with optimism to collaborating proactively and productively with the FIA, with a view to establishing a solid foundation on which the future of a healthy and successful Formula One can be built, providing lasting stability and sound governance.”

Lola Announce 2010 Submission

Lola Racing have announced a submission to join the F1 series for 2010.

The sportscar company formerly entered cars in F1, most recently 1997 when their cars ran just 1 race, being far and away off the pace of everyone else and pulling out through financial issues.

The managers refused to comment until June 12 when the final 2010 entry list is released, by given that the current entries will be allowed in, and there is space for 26 there is a good chance they will be there.

Embassy Lola T370 being driven by Graham Hill

Embassy Lola T370 being driven by Graham Hill


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