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Khan Concludes Renault Test

Adam Khan has concluded Renault’s straight line speed testing as Duxford Imperial War Museum’s runway in England.

The driver has completed his first test with the 2009 Renault R29, having previously only driven a re-branded Renault R28 from 2008 on Renault’s press events most recently in Dubai where one of the cars was slammed into barriers doing over 100mph in a race with a Ford GT roadcar by Mohammad bin Sulayem an FIA VIP.

“Both the aero tests have been a great experience for me and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to drive the R29 and help with its development,” said Khan.

“Even though I was only doing straight-line aero runs, I was able to learn a lot about the car and hopefully gave the engineers some useful feedback.”

Khan admitted there were significant differences, notcable within the car from the 2008 to 2009 models.

“This year the cars have reduced aerodynamics and I definitely felt that during the aero test as I’m used to driving the R28,”

Khan will be demonstrating once again in an R28 at the Renault World Series show at Silverstone this July.  An event which I shall be attending!

Watch Bin Sulayem hit the wall in Dubai ^


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