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Sir Jack Brabham Taking Legal Advice Against New Team

Sir Jack Brabham and his family are taking legal action against the new F1 team which is to use the classic Brabham moniker.

Sir Jack, a former racer and owner of the tema bearing his namesake claims he has had no consultation whatsoever of the team being re-entered.

The team name is owned by a German called Franz Himmler, who bought a lot of Super Aguri’s assets and is a well known racing supporter.

The statement read: “Sir Jack Brabham and the Brabham family have expressed their surprise at the recent news reporting that an entry has been submitted for the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship by Formtech with the intention of operating as Brabham Grand Prix Limited.

“The family would like to make it clear that they are in no way involved with Brabham Grand Prix Limited and received no consultation regarding the company’s plans to resurrect their historic name in Formula One.

“The family is taking legal advice and will take necessary steps to protect their name, reputation and its goodwill.”

Sir Jack Brabham at the 1961 Monaco Grand Prix

Sir Jack Brabham at the 1961 Monaco Grand Prix


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