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Start Your Own Bloody Series Then – Mosley

Max Mosley has sent his most dominant *cracks whip* message yet to the constructors of Formula One as their rebellion against the overlord of the FIA continues.

The teams may or may not sign the concorde agreement on June 12th, a date which Mosley deems as too late.

The teams are still wanting a series without budget caps, but may compromise on a layered system throughout the next few years with a gradually lowering budget.

However with new offers for teams flowing in, making F1 look just like GP3 as Luca di Montezemolo so beautifully put it, Mosley wants answers now.

“A Concorde Agreement which one receives so late can’t be signed by June 12,” Mosley was quoted as saying.

“We now have a conflict and we will see who succeeds in the end. I say to them: If you want to draw up your own rules, then you can organise your own championship. But we have the Formula 1 championship.

“We draw up the rules for that. We have been doing that for 60 years and we will continue doing so.”


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