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Force India Break Ranks And Sign Unconditional 2010 Entry

Force India have broken the unity within FOTA against the FIA by signing an unconditional agreement for their entry into the 2010 F1 Series.

They are the second team to break away from FOTA, with Williams doing so around the Monaco Grand Prix as crisis meetings once again took place.  Williams were suspended from FOTA because of their actions.

FOTA are trying to work against budget caps, but the FIA want them to be imposed.  Manufacturers are most against the change, and it is interesting to see the two teams that broke away are independent’s.

Max Mosley told the manufacturers a few days ago that if they were not happy then they should “go off and make their own series”.  Toyota responded to this with a statement saying “That’s not a bad idea, we should have thought of it sooner.”  With John Howett, the vie president of FOTA and senior member of the Toyota team suggesting series break-away talks were being discussed it is throwing the future of F1 into confusion once again.

A Force India team statement said: “While the Force India team is broadly in agreement with the FOTA objectives, commercial obligations have demanded that Force India review its conditional entry jointly submitted by FOTA on deadline day.

“This has been done today with full transparency between all parties. The details of the team’s position will be discussed between Dr. Vijay Mallya and FOTA vice-chairman John Howett tomorrow. No further comment will be made until those discussions have taken place.”

Howett, mentioned above, suggested that they would be suspended from FOTA just like Williams were.

“It is likely they may be suspended,” explained Howett. “I haven’t really had the opportunity to speak to Vijay directly, but he has committed in accordance with FOTA a conditional entry and apparently, due to commercial issues, totally unrelated to another team or support, they felt obliged because of other binding legal activities due to funding or other issues, they needed to submit an official entry.”


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