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Drivers Unanimously Support FOTA After Secret Sunday Meeting

FOTA held a secret meeting in one of the team’s motohomes in Turkey this morning, with the drivers in attendance as they look for a solution to the crisis which is splitting Formula One in two.

The meeting hearalded that all of the drivers with the current FOTA members were in favour of their teams views against budget caps, and against having hoardes of in-experienced small teams in the sport replacing the manufacturers.

Jarno Trulli said: “All the drivers have the same feeling: to follow FOTA and respect above all the work they are doing on the coming rules and the running of Formula 1 in a serious way for the future.

“We were called today to be kept informed because of the rules not being clear and, being one of the few things that we have read, do not work and needed to be talked about from our part for reasons of safety.

“(Concerning) these rules, which we do not in any case consider are adequate, we share the same vision as FOTA.”

When asked if he thought there would be a FOTA breakaway series, he commented:  “I know that in the next week something should budge, it must move. Otherwise there will inevitably then be a split.”


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