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Bernie – Team’s Can’t Set Up Their Own Series

Bernie Ecclestone believes that the manufacturer groups threatening to walk away from Formula One over dispute with the FIA, would have no luck trying to found their own series.

Bernie cites issues with sponsorship, events, governance, fans (and lack of) amongst other things, including contracts he holds with them saying they will be in F1 until 2012.

Ecclestone also believes in an era of cost cutting that boards of the major motor manufacturers like Toyota and BMW would be uneasy at funding a brand new racing series.

“If they do try to set up their own series – and I don’t think they will be able to – there are big problems ahead for them,” Ecclestone told the Daily Express.

“Apart from my contracts with teams, if somebody went to any of our contracted people, companies, television contractors, we would view it very seriously.

“That would be inducement to breach contracts and I don’t do that myself, so I won’t stand back and let it happen. Any action could run to hundreds of millions of pounds, who knows how much?”

“I’m not sure that the boards of teams such as Toyota and BMW, who are already looking to cut costs in F1, would sympathise and bankroll their teams going off to a series which would not be the FIA F1 championship,”


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