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FIA Announce 2010 Entry List

The FIA have announced the 2010 Formula One entry list, which has been under massive scrutiny for the past few months with big teams threatening to walk away and the entry list of new teams, which totaled 15 but only 3 teams would make it onto the official list.

All of the FOTA member teams appear on the list of entry, but Brawn, McLaren, Toyota, Renault and BMW Sauber are conditional to them signing a new agreement.

The new teams allowed in from the 15 are US F1, Campos and Manor.

Team Constructor About
Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari
Scuderia Toro Rosso Toro Rosso TBA
Red Bull Racing Red Bull TBA
AT&T Williams Williams Toyota
Force India F1 Force India Mercedes
Campos Grand Prix Campos Cosworth New
Manor Grand Prix Manor Cosworth New
Team US F1 US F1 Cosworth New
BMW Sauber BMW Conditional
Renault F1 Renault Conditional
Panasonic Toyota Toyota Conditional
Brawn GP F1 Team Brawn Mercedes Conditional
McLaren Mercedes McLaren Mercedes Conditional


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