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Branson Unlikely To Put Money Into Brawn As Virgin Sponsorship Dwindles

Sir Richard Branson has dashed hopes for Brawn GP of more sponsorship finances, a new livery and possibly new name as he claimed he would not be putting millions into the GP team as we head over towards the half-way mark of the 2009 season.

The British born billionaire owner of the Virgin group began sponsoring Brawn GP not long after the cars appeared in Australia with minor logos which have expanded across the cars which remain largely blank.  With Brawn’s early successes, and Virgin using BGP in their current online and newspaper commercials, many analysts believed that Virgin could be on the verge of re-branding the team altogether.

However in a 5Live interview all this seemed to be gone.

“We got in when it was very cheap and it’s been great for us with global coverage, but I suspect next year the price will be astronomical and we may have to look somewhere else with a smaller team,” Branson commented.

It is believed that Branson invested £250,000 into Ross Brawn’s small team.


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