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Newey Remains Cautious Over RB5 Despite Epic Weekend In Britain

Adrian Newey has declared himself slightly cautious over whether the Red Bull Racing RB5 can continue it’s mega dominance over the F1 field after an epic victory in Silverstone yesterday.

The RB5, designed in Milton Keynes not far from the Silverstone Circuit featured massive aerodynamic upgrades for this race including a new nosecone, floor and rear wing endplates.

Newey, modest as ever with his fantastic technical ability wants his star driver Sebastian Vettel and team mate Mark Webber to keep their feet on the ground despite Vettel being able to pull away by 1 second per lap from the previously unbeatable Brawn cars.

“I think this circuit is one that was always likely to suit us, and I was hoping it would suit us anyway,” Newey told Autosport this morning

“It would appear that some other teams had tyre warm-up problems, at which point suddenly the performance difference can be much bigger than it would be at other circuits. So obviously we have got to see how this carries over onto other circuits.”

“I will continue to take each weekend as it comes, and do the best we can in those weekends.”


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