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Domenicali Infuriated By KERS Failure And Waste

Stefano Domenicali, the boss of Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team has told reporters how infuriated he is with the complete flop of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems.

The Italian, normally a quiet and reserved character was scathing over the KERS system which is being described as a “white elephant”.  With BMW Sauber, McLaren and Reanult – the 3 teams who still used KERS alongside Ferrari – all opting to disband and discontinue development, the Scuderia are the last team with the boost button.

The extra weight carried by the systems means that the boost is an in-effective equal compared with teams like Brawn and Red Bull who do not carry they weight and systems.  Ferrari alledges that it has ruined handling of the 2009 Ferrari aswell.

It has been a waste of money and time for the Italian’s who are lagging well behind in the title championship.

“A lot of money was spent without the desired effect. Let me put it this way: if it had been spent instead on the car, Ferrari would now be just as fast as this Red Bull,” Domenicali insisted at Silverstone

“That is something easily said, but it is true. [that KERS is a failure]”

“For passenger cars, KERS is the future, but in Formula One we are in a different environment. For us there are too many compromises: ultimately, it is all about the speed of our cars.”


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