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Refuelling Ban Still On For 2010 Despite FOTA/FIA Agreements

The refuelling ban set out by the FIA as part of it’s eleborate new rule system for the 2010 season will still go ahead despite the majority of the new regulations being binned after FOTA/FIA agreement talks for FOTA team involvement in the 2010 Formula One Season.

The teams are fairly positive towards the refuelling ban due to the high cost of transporting refuelling equipment around the world, and also some accidents which have led to large fires, such as Jos Verstappen’s memorable pitfire at Hockenheim 1994, Eddie Irvine 1995 at Spa and Michael Schumacher’s at the 2003 Austrian Grand Prix when despite flames licking the car he still went on to win the Grand Prix.

A source within FOTA said this was still on track, despite 2009 rule revisions for 2010.

The source said: “There will be a few amendments to the rules that need to be agreed unanimously. This will be about refuelling and a few other items, and should be completed in the next few weeks.”

A pitfire for Gianmaria Brunis Minardi in 2004

A pitfire for Gianmaria Bruni's Minardi in 2004

Just wanted to add, R.I.P Michael Jackson – King of Pop who sadly died yesterday evening of a cardiac arrest.


One response

  1. As much as we all struggle with the rule changes from season to season it is part of the reason F1 is so great. Brawn and red bull are taking total advantage of the rule changes!

    June 27, 2009 at 2:11 am

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