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Scrap Empty Stadia Races Like Turkey – Briatore

Flavio Briatore is on the warpath after being named as someone who could advise the FIA and FOM on how to make F1 more attractive to fans by attacking empty circuits.

This season’s Turkish Grand Prix was farcical with thousands of empty seats, as no fans really turned up.  This, in direct contrast to Silverstone where it held it’s final British Grand Prix and there were over 100,000 fans present.

The FOM TV coverage tried to hide the lack of fans in Turkey by removing multiple camera angles, but Briatore and indeed the fans see this as no solution.

The tracks that have been constructed in the far flung locations of the world are usually found quite empty, as F1 is not a favourable sport within the countries that the races are present while European races at the old venues are filled to the brim with hardcore F1 fans.

“Even if the likes of Turkey are paying more money, we would rather have stadia that are full,” Briatore said.

It is better for the spirit of the sport. We want stands full of fans. There is no point spending all that money on an empty cathedral,” he added.

Spectator at the Turkish Grand Prix a few weeks ago

"Spectator" at the Turkish Grand Prix a few weeks ago


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