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Will Massa Ever Race An F1 Car Again?

Rumour has been flowing from Hungary and the AEK hospital where Felipe Massa is currently recovering from a shocking incident in qualifying for the Grand Prix of the country last weekend about whether he will ever drive again.

The flambouyant Brazilian who missed out on winning the 2008 World Championship by an agonising 1 point, was hit in the face by a spring from the Brawn GP car of Rubens Barrichello.  It pierced the helmet of Massa and caused significant damge to his skull.

While a recovery is expected, a professor from the hospital, Robert Veres, is quoted as saying Massa may never race an F1 car again, indeed another doctor said he could be ruled out for the rest of 2009 “at least”.

“He has suffered some damage to the eye,” said Veres. “We don’t know whether he’ll be able to race again.”

However, there has been some good news from the Massa camp, saying he could be leaving hospital in just 10 days, and that he is spending a lot of time awake talking to family and friends.  His wife, parents and brother are with him, and many Ferrari officials have been periodically visiting him in hospital.

“My expectation is that he would walk out of the hospital on his own. If his recovery continues at this pace, I wouldn’t rule out that he could leave within 10 days.” Peter Bazso, medical director of AEK hospital said

“I would like to point out that although he’s recovering, this is not the end of the story, he is still in a life-threatening condition,” Bazso added.

Massas mechanics dedicated this pitboard to him at Hungary saying They love him

Massa's mechanics dedicated this pitboard to him at Hungary saying "They love him"


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