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Brawn To Lose Driving Licence

Ross Brawn, the owner and team principal of Brawn GP looks set to lose his driving licence after officials caught the Briton excessively speeding.

Brawn was driving his Mercedes Benz at an estimated 161km/h (approx. 100mph), when he was caught by police.  The road in Devon has a 70mph limit.

Ross is a well respected member of the Formula One fratenity, and before starting his team he has worked with Ferrari, Benetton and Honda.

He isn’t the first F1 associate to be caught out by police for speeding.  His #1 driver Jenson Button was clocked at 230km/h in France driving a diesel powered BMW.  Nelson Piquet had to re-take his driving test for multiple speeding offences, Giancarlo Fisichella lost his Italian licence in 2005 for speeding home (allegedly to his unwell son), and Juan Pablo Montoya got clocked at 240km/h in France, he was non too happy with the Police afterwards.  Also last year Lewis Hamilton had his Mercedes impounded for speeding.


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