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BMW Hint At DTM Entry Following F1 Withdrawal

BMW have hinted at joining premier German touring car series DTM following their withdrawl from Formula One and increasing distaste towards World Touring Cars.

BMW have a huge presence in the WTCC and have been highly successful with Briton Andy Priaulx.  However with new rules and regulations being brought in next season which BMW are not happy with, and their consistent clashes with the FIA they could be looking to move away from WTCC and into another series.

Following an interview with Mario Theissen, head of BMW motorsport in Autosport Magazine this week, he did not specify which series they would compete in.

DTM was one of the best series’ in the world, with multiple manufacturers taking part, including BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Alfa Romeo.  After Opel left a few years ago, there are now only 2 manufacturers Mercedes and Audi left.

With 2011 technical regulations being imposed on DTM which sees development freeze and effectively start again it could be the perfect opportunity for BMW to join in.

“WTCC is part of the touring car spectrum. It is no secret that we aren’t particularly happy about the developments last year and this year, but no decision has been made.” Theissen wrote

“In any case, we will be present in touring car racing, both with works-supported programmes and in customer competition. We could also imagine other future projects, which we are not ready to talk about yet.”

If BMW kept some of their current drivers, we could see talented driver Andy Priaulx go to DTM and win a different title, if he then went to BTCC say he could become as great as Fabrizio Giovanardi on Touring Car records.  Indeed we could also see the brilliant, amazing Alex Zanardi come to DTM.

Alex Zanardi could be off to DTM??

Alex Zanardi could be off to DTM??


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