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Wurz and de La Rosa Considered For USF1 Seat

Alexander Wurz and Pedro de La Rosa have been considered for a race seat with the new USF1 team it was revealed today.

Wurz retired from racing in 2007, and has driven & tested for multiple teams including Benetton, Williams and McLaren.  Most recently he tested with Honda before they withdrew from Formula One at the end of 2008.

Wurz claims that USF1 bosses are interested in securing his services due to his experience and the lack of testing opportunities ahead of and during the 2010 season while making a new and competitive car.

Wurz said: “Peter Windsor [US F1 sporting director] talked to me about the possibility of driving for them as they have limited time for testing and would need an experienced driver.

“I know their first priority is US drivers but if they really want me I would be interested in this task to build a new franchise from scratch and help them with my input.”

McLaren tester Pedro de La Rosa is allegedly being spoken with for similar reasons, although the Spaniard was unavailable for comment.  Jacques Villeneuve claimed a few weeks ago that he had definite confirmation of a race seat for 2010, and it was supposed to be with USF1.

When they applied to F1, the USF1 bosses said they wanted to use American drivers, andit is believed Jonathan Summerton of Formula Atlantic could be given a test to see if he was suitable for a race seat.  Danica Patrick has already declined to drive for the Charlotte NC based outfit.


3 responses

  1. neil salem

    where did jacques say ” a few weeks ago that he had definite confirmation of a race seat for 2010″..i dont think he has ever said that…he has had conversations to my understanding…but never confirmed he has been offered a ride by anyone,including USF1,please correct me if I am wrong but I dont think he has said he definitely had a seat offered to him…?..

    August 11, 2009 at 5:45 am

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