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Force India Continuing Their Fight For Points

Small team Force India have said they are still continuing the development of their car in the hope of closing the final few tenths of a second that split them from the back of the grid to points scoring positions.

The 2009 season cars have been fairly closely matched, and if it weren’t for consistent bad luck then Force India could and indeed should well have some points by now.

As the bigger teams start throwing their cash around, the front is once again seeing McLaren’s and Ferrari’s fighting out the top spots, Red Bull’s massive cash reserves help them continue their fight while Brawn GP have fallen back.

However according to technical director James Key, Force India are making clever use of their budget in the race for 8th.

“We have tenths and hundredths (of a second) between cars at present with just over one second covering the entire grid,” Key told ESPN.

“This is of course incredibly close, so any reasonable updates can make a significant difference to position.”

“There is a lot of emphasis on optimising qualifying,” Key confirmed. “We had a good start position in Germany and raced at the front without any issues, maintaining a points scoring position. With the current situation, track position is vital.”

“I think luck has not always been on our side,” Key considered. “We have had our cars in points scoring positions this year on a number of occasions but not brought the result home. We had a good window of opportunity in the middle of the season after a big step forward at Silverstone, but it did not work out for us due to Adrian’s unfortunate accident in qualifying.

However Giancarlo’s excellent race drive at that event from 16th on the grid to 10th, just seconds off the points, shows the pace to score points was there. Similarly in Germany where qualifying went well, we maintained position for points only for the coming together with Raikkonen after the first round of stops,” he added.

Key arrived at Force India way back in 2006 when it was under-going the changeover from Midland to Spyker.

Key arrived at Force India way back in 2006 when it was under-going the changeover from Midland to Spyker.


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