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Further Cost Reduction Detail Emerge From German Magazine

Highly regarded German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport have revealed some of the future cost reduction methods being outlined by the FIA.

While the overall actual plan of cost reduction is a closely guarded secret, AMuS claim these findings are from the highest sources.

The cost reduction proposals include:

  • Reducing the number of staff travelling to races to 45, meaning double-ing up of jobs in a similar way to how driver Physio’s act as their pitboard men.
  • Tem expenditure (excluding Driver + management salary and marketing) will be capped to 100m Euro in 2010 and 50m Euro in 2011
  • Factory based staff reduction to 350 for 2010 and 280 for 2011.  More staff will be allowed if teams make more in-house products like engines, gearboxes etc.

These proposals don’t really fill me with hope here at The F1Fanatics Blog. In truth, the cap on members of staff at races is stupid as people already double up, such as those physio’s being pitboard men, and sometimes you find Chef’s and refuellers who are also truckies and stuff.  We dont want too few staff so that corners are cut and safety is hindered.  Staff will also have to be fired from teams which is unfair given the current economic problems and the lack of job availability especially for these highly skilled workers.

Indeed, I believe if the FIA wants to save money on personnel at races they should have less races outside of Europe to dramatically cut down on flight and freight costs.  More European GP’s should help the staff to be available much more cheaply.


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