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2010 Formula One Rules Announced By FIA

The FIA have published their 2010 sporting regulations and technical regulations today.

The articles, posted on the official FIA website (Sporting: Click Technical: Click ) outline some new rules, most notably qualifying regulation.

Q1 and Q2 will now see 8 cars demoted out of each session, with 10 cars being able to run in the final Q3 portion.  These cars in Q3 will run in the low fuel format as seen this season to allow for the fact that no refuelling may take place during the race itself.  The 8 car rule comes in as 3 new teams, Campos, Manor and USF1 are joining the sport.

Another important point to note is the lack of change to the point scoring system, meaning that Bernie’s silly medal system is out of the window completely.

Tyre warmers will be allowed despite previous indications from the FIA being that they would be banned.  Minimum car weights have been increased to 620KG to allow for the KERS system, despite all teams saying they will run without the power boosting systems for 2010 to allow a level playing field.

Also worth noting is the lack of two tier racing.


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