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Mercedes Benz Look To Purchase Part Of Brawn GP Team

Plans for Mercedes Benz to buy in to the Brawn GP team have emerged today in well respected British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

The newspaper suggests that Mercedes will not complete a full buy-out of the team, and instead purchase a percentage of it in a similar way to McLaren.  Then use their stake, of probably around 20% to assist the team with equity and a certain engine and development deal.

Brawn get this news on the back of a positive few weeks in terms of sorting things out for next season, with Nick Fry telling the media that Brawn have a confirmed big name sponsor for 2010 which could be Emirates Airlines.

Mercedes Benz didn’t comment with much as always, but their other big investment team McLaren did, seemingly they are not concerned Mercedes Benz could leave the Woking based squad for Brawn’s new rockets.

“Mercedes-Benz’s engine supply contract with McLaren is a very long-standing one – it’s in its 15th consecutive year, in fact – and it will continue to run for many years to come,” said the McLaren spokesman.

“However, we’re supportive of our partner’s plans regarding engine supply of other teams in Formula 1, and we were delighted earlier this year that a Mercedes-Benz engine supply deal was able to be done with Brawn, thereby saving that team from likely extinction.”


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